15 Hours in Las Palmas

Yesterday I woke up to this!

We stayed at the breakfast buffet untill 11 o’clock, I had 4 cups of coffe and then I just walked around in the neighbourhood. I bought fruit at the market, snapped pictures with my phone and sat around in the park all day before pick up. I feel lucky as hell!

Today my view looks like this.

And I’m currently at a hotell room in Trondheim.

This is what I love about my job. Every single day is different. The surrounding, the people, the workload. The expression “Every day is a new beginning” was a phrase that was hard to graps before, when everything was exactly the same. (And in a very extreme way when you work with autism). But with this job it makes perfect sense and I’m finding it easier to change habits, make progress and have a overall more posetive attitude.

Just two more days to go! Palawan here we come!