Uhm.. Hello?

My name is Tonje. My work is in aviation and my spare time consists of creative outbursts with a lot of Netflix and chill in between. I like to bury myself in creative projects, imaginary worlds and loose track of time and place. I call that state Cloud Eibon (long story). I believe in sharing your passion or whatever makes you happy, however small, because if you never find the time to do happy, you are most certainly missing the point.

I come from a tiny fjord along the Norwegian west-coast with about one thousand inhabitants. I got restless at a young age and I’ve lived in many cities, studied illustration in England and backpacked in South East Asia. I am currently living in Oslo with my fiancee and bestfriend Daniel. Who also got a son named Leo that stays with us at weekends and holidays. Like I needed an excuse to spend my afternoon in pillow castles; coloring and blowing bubbles. I call that time well spent!

My heart has always been set on traveling. I have always been intrigued by Asia and the more abundant locations, but currently my job lets me explore Europe and I can’t say no to that!

This is my creative space to share my projects and log my journeys. My intentions are simple; I hope you find something here that inspires you or just make you smile.

With love and some freakin unicorn dust,


Oh and this is me.. I’ll try to ditch the mobile pics and get my hands on a proper camera soon. *Pinky promise*

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