Pantheon, The Vatican & Collosseum

In the morning this waited outside our bedroom door as usual. I’ve heard breakfast is sacred in Italy and apparently cappuccino and croissants are normal for breakfast. The stereotypical Italian guy with the loud voice and the wavy hands is starting to make sense now. If this were my regular diet my blood sugar would be off the charts!
Today we visited Pantheon, Vatican city and one of the many Michelangelo museums in town. We ended our evening outside Colosseum but unfortunately the doors were closed for the day.Pantheon

Flowers at the market. Dogs <3

Fancy buildings everywhere.

Just because I happen to like it. Assassins creed vibe!

I am in no way a religious person but I do love architecture and art. And that makes Vatican city a must see. The buildings are incredibly detailed and there isn’t a corner that isn’t endorsed in paintings and baroque ornaments. I choose to leave most of my pictures out of this post, because to be fair they don’t do this place any justice. This just needs to be seen. (but a fish eye lens would sure help..)

Beautiful painted ceilings inside the Vatican.


Anonymous on a field trip, who would have known..

 I wish we had more time to explore more of this city but we need to get back to our jobs. This will surely not  not be the last time we make time for these short trips. I would love to see the coastal cities that are built into the mountains north of Italy. They look like they belong to a fairy tale and are oh so beautiful! We’ll see next time!

Castel Sant’ Angelo

We stopped by Castel Sant Angelo as the sun set and had a pretty cool experience exploring the castle. We didn’t do any tours though, we just walked around and looked at whatever fascinated us.


 Tiny guardhouse Inside Castel Sant’Angelo and a creepy zombie looking statue.

A pretty impressive window view of the Vatican.

Not into weapons, but the details on this one is so cool!

On the rooftop we had an amazing view of the city and the Vatican. More of than soon!

We wandered the streets in search of gelato and stumbled across this creepy ass store.

We had our last stop at the Trevi fountain before we jumped into bed, with over 22 thousand steps we were exhausted.

Good night!

Traveling to Rome with Kids?

As I mentioned earlier my job gives us the opportunity to travel for nothing but small fees, it all came down to what flights were available in the little time frame we had. I was actually a little hesitant to go to Rome with a 7 year old at first. I though maybe Malta or some other sunny location would be a better match for us, but Rome surprised us. There was no problem at all and there is plenty of cool stuff to see that’s engaging for everyone despite of age. I think we walked at least 20 thousand steps per day and we didn’t plan anything. We just picked out some spots from our map and started walking. I’m so glad we just walked around and didn’t just jump into a taxi to get to every location. There’s plenty of quirky stuff that I had never seen if we didn’t take this route.

How amazing is this?!

What is this? This my friend, is Italian parking.

The Palace of Justice, Pretty fancy.And if the battery runs out; there is always gelato!

We tried a bunch of different shops that specialized in ice cream. With diamond decor, walls that looked like chocolate waterfalls and hundreds of flavors to choose from. But at this tiny shop outside the Palace of justice I found, hands down the best ice cream I’ve ever had! I would go back just for the ice cream..

Piazza del Popolo

We wandered the streets and stumbled across Piazza del popolo (People square). It has a beautiful viewpoint where you can view the city and walk through the Villa Borgese gardens. We wanted to hire a bike and explore because the garden is huge. But unfortunately we didn’t have enough time.

Obelisk of Rameses II.
Finding hieroglyphs and even a pyramid in Rome felt so out of place! Apparently these hieroglyphs where brought from Egypt in 30 BC and there are thirteen of them all around the city. The Egyptian empire and Greece had a big impact on Rome and I love how they all had their very distinct style and culture. The obelisk was originally a pagan symbol dedicated to the sun. I find it funny how they just put a cross on tope like; Nope! If you are interested in more of this, Netflix just released a docuseries based on historical events called “Roman Empire: Regin of Blood“. Check it out!

The Villa Borgese gardens.


piazza-del-popolo-view-1200-pix“One day Simba Leo, all this will be yours..” haha sorry I could’t resist.

piazza-del-popolo-3-1200pixNedless to say; Beautiful place.

When In Rome

.. do as the Romans do? Well that would be very nice if it weren’t 20 degrees and they were all walking around in the streets with huge winter jackets complaining about the cold. We declared Norwegian summer and walked the streets in T-shirts, haha! Just make sure you bring appropriate clothing if you want to visit Pantheon and all the other beautiful buildings.

After mapping out our must-see destinations we just started walking. There is something to see on every corner and to me, I got more fascinated by the little details and the way the city was buildt rather than the enormous buildings and tourist attractions. I absolutely love the narrow streets and the cozy restaurants on every sidewalk.

For those interested, Column of Marcus Aureliu.

Leo is obsessed with “Cars” I even baked a Lightning McQueen cake for his birthday. So when we stumbled across this Disney shop it was a very pleasant surpise. Disney break!

green-roof-terasse-rome-italy-1200Cute rooftop terrace <3

santambrogio-e-carlo-al-corso-1200-pixSant’Ambrogio e Carlo al Corso, just a church we stumbled upon that I thought was incredible detailed. I didn’t take any pictures inside because it was so quiet and I didn’t want to disturb anyone. But it would seem like this church was nothing compared to what we were about to see.

Now we’re going to explore that viewpoint in the distance, see yah! 😀

Trevi Fountain

Rome is amazing. I think I had imagined something more modern, with some old buildings here and there. But Rome has old buildings and amazing architecture on every corner. I have hands down never been in a city this rich with history and architecture. Rome is considered the first metropolis of the world and it shows, it’s just really one big beautiful museum.

Haha Leo trying to decide his wish before throwing the coin into the fountain.


We got a awesome room a couple of minutes walk away from the famous Trevi Fountain. The streets are super cosy and narrow. But that didn’t stop the taxi from driving us to the doorstep. It would definitively just been a walking street in Norway, but on the contrary the public transportation in Oslo is very good and it Italy it has not exactly been a priority. The subway looked like it was ripped out of some thriller, but it was a fun experience either way.  The lady at Town House Fontana Di Trevi was super nice and helped us circle the best destinations on a big map.


Let the adventure begin!

A Trip to Italy

Last week I spent my days off in Italy. Some of the perks of being a Cabin Crew is the incredible cheap flight tickets and not least, that I work 5 days on and always have 4 days off. We didn’t actually know where we were heading this weekend. We looked up all flights that had the most available seats and took it from there. We considered Iceland, Copenhagen, London and Spain. But If you are Norwegian, like me. The warmer temperatures seemed to tempt way more at this time of year. We decided to travel to Italy the very same day. “The numbers looks good, let’s go”. I am fairly used to the whole travel on impulse thing, but I must admit this was a new record for me, especially traveling with a 7 year old. I spent my time on the express train reading up on dress codes, currency, the top 10 “must see” locations and of course the most important word in the book “Thank you” (grazie mille. Loosely translated; Thank you very much). My knowledge of Italy was pretty blank. All I knew was that we were heading in the direction of the homeland of pizza, lasagne, gladiators, amazing architecture and gelato. Sure! why not?


We arrived late in the evening, so we drove to the coastline and booked into a small hotel by the beach, Hotel del Mare. We arrived pretty late, so the owner urged us to get outside if we were to catch any restaurants still open. Next door was a restaurant with mostly seafood and pasta. A boy were celebrating his 9th birthday on the table next to us and the owner was so kind to give Leo a piece of his birthday cake. We had been in Italy for two hours and here we were sitting next to a family celebrating and eating real Italian food for the first time. It seemed surreal that we started our morning in freezing Oslo, eating knekkebrød while watching Pokemon on Tv.


The next day we checked out the beach. Since we arrived when it had become dark we had no idea how the neighborhood would look. I love arriving when it’s dark, it’s like the world is wrapped in paper and you just have to wait until the next morning to see what the location will bring. The temperatures were alright, but not enough to make a beach holiday. We went for a walk on the beach while waiting for our taxi, that would take us to Rome.


To be Continued!