Exploring Port Barton

My first expression of the Philippines was great. And when we came down to the beach at Port Barton the long flight was all forgotten. This place is SO nice! I thought to myself that it was so rare to see such a beautiful location shared with just a few backpackers. I’ve traveled frequently to Thailand and seen every place I love change rapidly, so to get to this place was like time travel. After all, the Philippines have over 7000 islands, that makes up a lot of beautiful beaches and lagoons. Let the Paradise hunt begin!

Along the beach there were a few guesthouses. But to our surprise everyone was full. So there were some people hanging around after all, but the accommodations were limited. In Thailand I never booked ahead, unless I was arriving late at night. Then I would reach for my Lonely Planet guide and call a day in advance. So even though this was unexpected, I liked it! We found one available room at Summer Homes and booked the next night not far away at Elsa’s Place. We decided to just try and juggle between places and see what we liked, if a place didn’t open up we had the rest of Palawan to explore anyway.

The quiet beach with a couple of guesthouses hidden among the trees.

Loved this cozy hut! Tattoos anyone? 😉

When we walked down the beach there were three young locals sitting in the shade. One of the guys approached us with his phone and asked me for a photo. “Sure!”. I was pretty surprised when his two friends walked up to us and posed beside us. I thought I was going to take a photo of them! I want that picture, I’m pretty sure I looked like one big confused question mark. It was fun though! Everyone says hi, the smiles are real. Genuine. And the culture seem very honest and straightforward, I love that!

More of this coming up! Check out the tag Port Barton, for everything I have from this beautiful place.


Hello Phillippines!

Finally. Finally. FINALLY! ASIA!

When I ask people; if you could choose any place in the world, where would you go? So many answer places like New York or Paris. Since I was very little I’ve always had this pull towards the Asian countries. I love the culture. And above all, I am a nature junkie. I am always looking for my perfect island, with pristine white beaches, tropical jungles and clear turquoise waters. Thailand has been my second home for a long time and I felt it was time to find something else, the same beautiful nature but without the major crowds.

After flipping through countless images on Pinterest, the choice landed on no other than the Philippines!

We like to travel freestyle. That means nothing planned, no bookings no nada. We purchase the plane tickets and then we map out a couple of destinations we would like to see and go from there. You never know if the place you are going to see is paradise or just the result of good photography and some Photoshop magic. So we keep all possibilities open. We wanted to discover the island Palawan, especially El Nido in the north and a smaller island not far off called Coron.

I asked how to get there in a few backpacker forums and I noticed the name “Port Barton” popping up now and then. The trip to the Philippines was a long ride, we switched planes in Istanbul and were quite stressed about it since our plane departing from Oslo was originally several hours delayed. It was pretty confusing. In one minute the board announced “2 hours delay” in the next second we all of the sudden got “Go to gate”. So we made it. Stayed one night in a shitty room in Manila before we took a small plane over to Puerto Princesa. It’s been so long since I was on a proper trip backpacker style and as a flight attendant it’s my job after all. So it wasn’t until we flew over the dense jungle covering Palawan that I actually realized that this was it. Holiday and 4 glorious weeks of freedom!

At the airport we figured that Port Barton was “only” 4 hours away and at that point a even longer trip to El Nido wasn’t very tempting. So we thought why not! Let’s check it out and stay for a couple of nights. To my surprise the island was a lot less developed than I had imagined, I instantly loved it but I do however wish we had withdrawn some more cash in Manila. Our driver took us to over 3 separate mini banks that were all down. We finally found one that only had the smallest notes available and it made things a little tricky but we managed. We felt like millionaires stuffing our wallets with all of these notes that ironically wasn’t worth much.

The ride through the jungle was bumpy. So bumpy that my fitbit registered 18 thousand steps that day. But once we reached the top of the mountain and saw the beautiful little village down by the sea, it was all forgotten.

More of this beautiful place coming up! <3