Pantheon, The Vatican & Collosseum

In the morning this waited outside our bedroom door as usual. I’ve heard breakfast is sacred in Italy and apparently cappuccino and croissants are normal for breakfast. The stereotypical Italian guy with the loud voice and the wavy hands is starting to make sense now. If this were my regular diet my blood sugar would be off the charts!
Today we visited Pantheon, Vatican city and one of the many Michelangelo museums in town. We ended our evening outside Colosseum but unfortunately the doors were closed for the day.Pantheon

Flowers at the market. Dogs <3

Fancy buildings everywhere.

Just because I happen to like it. Assassins creed vibe!

I am in no way a religious person but I do love architecture and art. And that makes Vatican city a must see. The buildings are incredibly detailed and there isn’t a corner that isn’t endorsed in paintings and baroque ornaments. I choose to leave most of my pictures out of this post, because to be fair they don’t do this place any justice. This just needs to be seen. (but a fish eye lens would sure help..)

Beautiful painted ceilings inside the Vatican.


Anonymous on a field trip, who would have known..

 I wish we had more time to explore more of this city but we need to get back to our jobs. This will surely not  not be the last time we make time for these short trips. I would love to see the coastal cities that are built into the mountains north of Italy. They look like they belong to a fairy tale and are oh so beautiful! We’ll see next time!

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