When In Rome

.. do as the Romans do? Well that would be very nice if it weren’t 20 degrees and they were all walking around in the streets with huge winter jackets complaining about the cold. We declared Norwegian summer and walked the streets in T-shirts, haha! Just make sure you bring appropriate clothing if you want to visit Pantheon and all the other beautiful buildings.

After mapping out our must-see destinations we just started walking. There is something to see on every corner and to me, I got more fascinated by the little details and the way the city was buildt rather than the enormous buildings and tourist attractions. I absolutely love the narrow streets and the cozy restaurants on every sidewalk.

For those interested, Column of Marcus Aureliu.

Leo is obsessed with “Cars” I even baked a Lightning McQueen cake for his birthday. So when we stumbled across this Disney shop it was a very pleasant surpise. Disney break!

green-roof-terasse-rome-italy-1200Cute rooftop terrace <3

santambrogio-e-carlo-al-corso-1200-pixSant’Ambrogio e Carlo al Corso, just a church we stumbled upon that I thought was incredible detailed. I didn’t take any pictures inside because it was so quiet and I didn’t want to disturb anyone. But it would seem like this church was nothing compared to what we were about to see.

Now we’re going to explore that viewpoint in the distance, see yah! 😀

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