Who is this interior blogger showing up in my feed?!

Thought I would shed some light on that one;)

I’m not new to blogging, as a matter of fact I had my first blog in 2004 before anyone knew what a blog actually was. We called it «my space» and it was a part of Windows Live Messenger. (MSN). Which mostly worked as a online diary where I complained about village life, homework and how much I loved HIM. Hahah time flies!

In 2009 I moved to England and studied illustration and I blogged mostly about art, England and Alternative fashion. In 2012 I started a new travel blog and backpacked through South East Asia, which is 4 years ago now. I went by the url kijoeibon.com and I used Kijo as a synonym. Heck I even looked a lot different back then, with neon hair and crazy outfits. I changed the url, the design, deleted all the content and that’s why I’m now showing up in everyones feed who subscribed to my RRS feed (bloglovin, feedly, google reader +++) back in 2012.


It was a good year. However when the adventure came to an end and reality hit there wasn’t really much to write about. Diving into a 800m long cave, playing with tigers, zip lining through the jungle, arriving at an abundant island.. Awesome, right!? Working 24/7, combined with a confidentiality declaration? Not so much. I worked non-stop for 4 months, moved to the capital, moved around, meet my fiancee, got a stepson, a new job in aviation, and purchased my first apartment. Boom. Grown-up points.

My goal right now is to get this apartment together and then travel. My job gives me the opportunity to travel the world for nothing but small fees. I got my base, I got the perfect job. The groundwork is done. Then there will as always be some art and creative projects in between. So for those of you that don’t care much for renovation, bear with me! Travel posts are coming! 😀 

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