Marrakesh Limestone Paint

I know that there haven’t been a lot of updates lately, but to be honest the worst part of the renovation progress is not fun nor interesting. It’s a mess! You know that stage where the floors are gone, everything you own is in a pile of dirt and the walls are covered in tape? Yep. But luckily that’s all done now. We’re IN! Lately we have been spending time on orders and taking measures of everything. Washing machine, wardrobes and even a Murphy bed / office space. It will take 4-6 weeks to get the wardrobe in place, so I guess we just have to learn to live with the chaos for a while.

I decided to paint my contrast wall in the living room with something called Lady Minerals from Jotun, it’s a paint that gives a limestone finish to the walls and I really love it. You start by painting with a brush diagonally. Be quick and don’t give yourself any breaks between because this paint dries fast and every brush stroke shows. It had a terrible color when it was fresh and I must admit I was freaking out between the layers. But when it finally dried, I really love it!

B marrakesh limestone kalkmaling paint

B marrakesh limestone paint lady kalkmaling
The color name and code is Lady Minerals 1623 Marrakesh. I’m going to use an acrylic mix in the same shade around the kitchen area, this paint is really sensitive towards stains and water so don’t do it in a hallway or a kitchen area without a sealer!

And.. I love our new floors!

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