Our New Apartment!

Today I’ve been together with Daniel for 3 years. It’s really odd, sometimes I feel like we meet yesterday and other days I feel like I’ve known him my whole life. For the last 6 months we have been looking around for apartments, I feel like we’ve been everywhere. Renting is expensive in Oslo and it feels like a waste of money even though we have really enjoyed our old flat. This summer we finally came across an apartment we could afford that meet our expectations. So we celebrated 3 years together by getting the keys to our new home today! It feels amazing, but at the same time it’s hard to grasp that I actually own my own place. It’s right in the city center and best of all.. it has a sunny garden!

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The apartment is from 2008, so it is in good shape but needs a layer of paint. We went straight to the store and bought supplies and paint this evening. So we might just go all in and start tomorrow. I can’t wait to spend the next months nesting and coming up with cool ideas.

So if you’re looking for interior, renovation and DIY inspo, this is it!

Uhm.. Hello?

My name is Tonje. I work as a flight attendant and my spare time consists of creative outbursts with a lot of Netflix and chill in between. I like to bury myself in creative projects and loose track of time and place. It’s my contrast and opposite to my busy life in the air with high “On Time Performance”.

I come from a small place, and when I say small I mean really really small. I come from a fjord at the Norwegian west-coast with about one thousand inhabitants. It’s known as Tomrefjord. I got restless at a young age and I’ve lived in many cities, studied illustration in England and backpacked in South East Asia. I am currently living in Oslo and I am engaged to a wonderful and kind man named Daniel. I have a stepson with the name Leo (7) that stays with us in weekends and holidays. He brings out the kid in me and I think we all need that one soul that justifies an entire afternoon spent in a pillow-castle blowing bubbles as time well spent! Whenever we are able to, we travel.

This is my outlet to share my projects and log my journeys. My intentions are simple; I hope you find something here that inspires you or just make you smile 🙂

With love and some unicorn dust,

Oh and this is me.. I’ll try to ditch the mobile pics and get my hands on a proper camera soon. *Pinky promise*

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